Bibesh Nepal

I fall for you and get into your love.

I’ll never know how I fell for you or how I fell madly in love with you. But I adore you and will keep this promise for the rest of my life.
Will you abandon me? Will you be mine indefinitely?

This is both the most important and the most ridiculous question you’ve ever asked me. It annoyed me slightly since I had no idea what love had done to me. But it’s different every time I see you and speak with you. I believe there is no such word as “leave” in the dictionary, and I will always remember your presence in my life when I think of you. Your angry face, your unbeatable smile, reminds me of my life and its incompleteness without you. And I’ve come to the realization that your disappearance will leave me in a void. That feeling is really amazing every time I enchant your love inside my heart. Your happiness has an unmatched spark, which leads to my rapture. I sleep better knowing you’ll get a good night’s sleep as well. Your grin brings up all of my hopes. It feels like you’re the only one wish I’ve ever got in my life, I fall for you and get into your love.