Bibesh Nepal

Real-Estate in Scenario of Nepal

n Nepal, real-estate is one of the most promising industries of business because it delivers good rewards for a low risk. The cost of real estate in the democratic republic, including land and buildings. The value of real estate is always increasing, and studies predict that this trend will continue in the next years.
For individuals who are familiar with the real estate industry, Nepal is a paradise. The country offers a plethora of chances for those interested in buying and selling property and houses.

Property types span from developed to underdeveloped and developing areas. The pricing is dominated by the number of real estate agencies. We’re talking about Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. It has a spectrum of properties ranging from 1 to 50 crore all controlled by real-estate agencies.

As a result, the question arises as to whether it will have an impact on agricultural land. The Nepalese government has also enacted legislation in this regard. Increasing the tax, prohibiting real estate agents from mapping land, and so on. However, because land prices are expected to rise in the future, the Nepalese people are very comfortable buying and selling land. In the last month alone, 76,532 dwellings and pieces of land were acquired and sold across the country, according to Department of Land Management figures (mid-December to mid-January). During this time, the government received Rs 6.65 billion in revenue from real estate transactions. The real estate industry, according to the department, has been growing recently. In the three months leading up to mid-October, 56,838 plots of land were bought and sold, with more than 50,000 plots transferred between mid-October and mid-November. Between mid-November and mid-December, 61,451 houses and pieces of land were acquired and sold.
So, I want to conclude that real estate is a good investment in Nepal.