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No one knows me better than I do I am my own relative, my own friend I am both the disappointment of losing and the joy of winning I am me I lose myself I faint inside I shout to myself I remind myself I am me I am the...

December 28, 2021
short writes

Me and My world

Me and me Yes, this world is inside me By collecting the scattered rays Like the sun made Like a piece of memory made up of memories Bizarre form of me and my world...

August 27, 2021

I fall for you and get into your love.

I’ll never know how I fell for you or how I fell madly in love with you. But I adore you and will keep this promise for the rest of my life.Will you abandon me? Will you be mine indefinitely? This is both the most important and the most ridiculous question...

August 3, 2021

Is it true that masturbating relieves stress?

Masturbation is perfectly healthy and natural. There are numerous fallacies out there designed to scare you into believing that masturbating is wrong or harmful. Masturbation, on the other hand, is entirely safe. Masturbation does not cause you to become blind, insane, or foolish. It won’t harm your genitals, produce pimples,...

July 7, 2021